A Visit to Bintan

Banyon Tree Resort on Bintan Island

Banyon Tree Resort on Bintan Island1

Banyon Tree Resort on Bintan Island2

Banyon Tree Resort on Bintan Island3

Banyon Tree Resort on Bintan Island4

Bats Belfry aka porch ceiling

Bats in our Belfry

Bats in our Belfry1

Bats in our Belfry2

Bats in our Belfry3

Bats in our Belfry4

Beautiful Mango Daiquiri

Bintan Island

Bintan Island 4

Bintan Island Accommodations

Bintan Island Accommodations Ceiling

Bintan Island Accommodations1

Bintan Island Accommodations2

Bintan Island Accommodations3

Bintan Island Accommodations5

Bintan Island Accommodations6

Bintan Island Villa- They Gave Steve the Keys

Bintan Island- Indonesian Flower

Bintan Island- heres to you

Bintan Island1

Bintan Island2

Bintan Island3

Bintan Island5

Bintan Island6

Bintan Island7

Bintan Island8

Bintan Island9

Chillin' on Bintan Island

Enjoying Bintan Island

Enjoying a Meal on Bintan Island

First Class works for Ron Rand too

First Class- what a way to go

First Class- what a way to snooze

Heres mud in your eye

Indonesian Spider

John Allen works with us in Singapore

Our Waiter at Banyon Tree Resort

Our Waitress at Banyon Tree Resort

Peek A Boo on Bintan Island

Pool and Beach at Banyon Tree Resort

Pool at Banyon Tree Resort

Pool at Banyon Tree Resort1

Pool at Banyon Tree Resort2

Pool at Banyon Tree Resort3

Relaxing at the Ritz

Restaurant at Banyon Tree Resort

Restaurant at Banyon Tree Resort1

Restaurant at Banyon Tree Resort2

Singapore Government Bldg

Singapore Parliament House

Singapore Ritz Carlton Lobby

Singapore Ritz Carlton Lobby Ceiling

Singapore Room with a View

Singapore Room with a View1

Singapore Room with a View2

Singapore Room with a View3

Singapore Skyline

Singapore Skyline1

Singapore Slings at the Long Bar

Singapore View

Singapore View3

Singapore in January

Singpore Ritz Carlton Pool and Fountain

Steve and Lori on Bintan Island

Steve at Bintan Island