A Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

A Time for Fun



Aloha Myricks

Aloha Myricks and Lori

Approaching Storm

Approaching Storm1

Catamaran Aloha

Catamaran Claire

Catamaran Crew

Catamaran Ellen

Catamaran Evening

Catamaran Jackson

Catamaran Steve

Cheers - A Place to Celebrate

Cheers to 50 Years!!!



Chillin' Chicks

Chris Enjoys the Evening

Chris and Claire

Claire Plays

Claire Plays1

Claire Plays2

Claire and Chris

Claire and Lori Play

Claire and Lori play1

Claire in Hawaii

Claire's Pasttime

Cool Chicks

Cool Chris

Cool Dudes

Cooler Dudes

Cowabunga Claire

Dad does duck

Dad enjoys himself

Debonair Dad

Elegant Ellen

Ellen has a laugh

Family Celebration

Family Celebration1

Family Fun!

Fun in the Water

Fun in the Water1

Fun in the Water2

Fun with Claire

George enjoys a good book

Have one on me...

Hawaii Underwater

Hawaii Underwater1

Hawaii Underwater2

Hawaii Underwater3

Hawaiian Hike

Hawaiian Hike with George

Hawaiian Hike1

Hawaiian Hike2

Hawaiian Hike3

Hawaiian Rainbow

Hawaiian Rainbow1

Hawaiian Rainbow2

Hawaiian Rainbow3

Hawaiian Rainbow4

Hawaiian Rainbow5

Hawaiian Sunset1

Hawaiian Sunset2

Hawaiian Sunset3

Hawaiian Sunset4

Hawaiian Sunset5


I'll have one of those...


Jackson Goofs

Jackson Joins In

Jackson Stands Tall




Lori and Steve help celebrate

Lori frolics1

Lori frolics2

Mellow Mama

Mom Celebrates with a Pina Colada

Mother Daughter Fun

Myrick Family Fun

Night Swimming

Night View

No more pictures, Uncle Steve

On the Beach with Claire

On the beach with Claire1

On the beach with Jackson

On the beach with Jackson1

Our View

Our View1

Our View2

Our View3

Pretty Girl Claire

Relax & Enjoy Ellen

Sail Away

Sail Away1

Search for Turtles

Search for Turtles- There they are!

She's Chic

Steve and Lori

Surf, Jackson, Surf!

Surfer Dude

Surfer Ellen

Surfer Girl

Surfer Guy

Surfin USA

Surfin' Go Claire

Surfin' Myrick Men

Surfing - Get up there, girl

Surfing Lesson

Surfing- Chris gets it too

Surfs Up!

Take a Ride on a Catamaran

The Sea




UltraLight - Claire and Ellen Suit Up

UltraLight - Claire is Harnessed

UltraLight - Coming in for a landing

UltraLight - Ellen is connected

UltraLight - Ellen is ready to go

UltraLight - Ellen is wired for sound

UltraLight - Here they come

UltraLight - On the runway

UltraLight - There they go

UltraLight - Up up and away





Uncle Steve and Claire have a Night Swim

Waimea Valley Audubon

Waimea Valley Audubon Falls

Waimea Valley Audubon Falls1

Waimea Valley Audubon Falls2

Waimea Valley Audubon Falls3

Waimea Valley Audubon with Ellen and George

Waimea Valley Audubon with George and Ellen

Waimea Valley Audubon2

Waimea Valley Audubon3

Waimea Valley Audubon4

Waimea Valley Audubon5

Waimea Valley Audubon6

Waimea Valley Audubon7

Waimea Valley Audubon9

Waimea Valley Audubon90

Waimea Valley Audubon91

Waimea Valley Audubon92

Waimea Valley Audubon93

Waimea Valley Audubon94

Waimea Valley Audubon95

Waimea Valley Audubon96

Waimea Valley Audubon97

Waimea Valley Audubon98

Waimea Valley Audubon99

Walking on Water

Whew! We made it...